January 27th,2020

One of the best compliments I get about my music is “those lyrics changed my life.”

The only thing that feels better than those words is my daughter calling me “Daddy!”

What my fans don’t know is that my songs speak to me too. The words I hold onto lately are from the 3rd verse of One Day, a single from the Exponential Potential album: “Faith isipo move mountains usishtuke, God anakuteach patience uizunguke..

These words have been alive in me for a couple of months now. I think of myself as calculative. I love being in control, seeing the end before I start. I don’t believe in contingencies or plan Bs. I have a lot of confidence and faith in God. So, what happens when things don’t go according to plan? Like Tyson rightly said, “..everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face..

A lot hasn’t gone according to plan lately. My attitude towards this is- if things don’t change then my mind should. My constant prayer is that I don’t lose the ability to see other perspectives in any situation. This is how I manage my mental health and how I can be almost like a kid with no fear of impending danger. I never succumb to defeat. I get burned, I shake it off and go onto the next idea.

The result is a seasoned warrior with scars to prove it.

Today, I am training my mind to stay open to challenges. Every new level of growth comes with a bigger set of problems. Just like I said in One Day “si hustle fare ya mat, nina aina zingine za shida.. Na change flat spare parts...

That line reminds me that overcoming one challenge doesn’t mean things become easier. It means the next challenge will be even bigger. Not being able to solve a problem now doesn’t mean I am incapable or my faith is low- it is simply another lesson in patience.