December 19th,2018

I am relatively patient, thoughtful and always strategic. I see far and this trait keeps me grounded when things don’t go my way. I don’t panic much and keep my eyes on the prize. 

That said, I am not immune to daily pressures, some external but mostly internal. That back and forth conversation with yourself as you try to make sense of reality.

I have realised that whatever thoughts come to my mind, I have a choice to encourage it or swipe left until I find a more favourable mindset. I’m learning this skill where like a file on a tab, I chose what to focus on.

The week hasn’t been tough but expectations are many and I feel responsible for making it work for me and my team.

We have some leeway and a lot is about to happen, but have you ever got to the point where you question why things always have to be difficult? Why do we have to go through all this? Isn’t there a better way to learn a lesson than through hardship and challenges?

Ukweli ni, I don’t thing for sure it always gets better. It’s hard to believe when going through something at the time, but it does.

My mind is like, what am I supposed to lean here? I force myself not to waste the struggle at the time.

I am not a master yet at this, I often find myself excited and ready to take over the world, only to stop a few minutes later thinking “world gani, wacha kujichocha...”

Somehow, I always pull through and get see things turn out better than I even imagined... still working on this skill and exploring more.