January 27th,2020

I figured it out! The ever elusive solution to world peace! 

Before you hail the king and forward my name to the Nobel peace prize committee, hear me out. What I say next will determine whether you feel I should throw out my acceptance speech, the one where I thank the late, great Wangari Maathai. 

I looked at three key aspects of the human experience: politics, relationships and spirituality.  


Immigration, xenophobia and Brexit. Some of the biggest issues in the world today. The so called ‘natives’ are fighting back with a rallying call to take back what’s theirs from outsiders and intruders. They believe their problems are caused by ‘others’- other races, tribes & religions.


I am no expert but I think violence and strife occurs in relationships when one party feels they are not being heard. Or when one is overwhelmed and overpowered by the extremes of the world. This person then feels that the only way to take back their power is by dominating the closest, assumed weakest person to them.


The story of God and the devil is similar to what’s going on in the world. When the powers that be are threatened and feel their authority is compromised, they will do anything to maintain their positions as powerful. In God’s case, his kingdom was put at risk by the rebellion of a close subject. God exiled satan and since then the tug of war between good and evil has plagued humanity.

My findings.

The threat to world peace is the domineering power game where the weak bear the brunt of an unjust society. When the sky falls, the ground gets muddy and wet. 

Conflict is simply the effects of friction caused by one end trying to maintain the status quo and the other end fighting back as a response to being pushed to the corner.

Weak people look for even weaker people to extract power from. Sometimes, the weakest people come together to demand for better from who they perceive as strong. In this vicious cycle, violence remains as the loudest language used to communicate these feelings.

The lazy approach dictates that we blame external forces for our problems but the proactive way forward is to look holistically at all available positions and take responsibility for yourself as much as you can.

I am not trying to minimize the complexity of human challenges, I am simply open to the possibility that simple can be enough.

So... hiyo Nobel Prize inakam, ama?